About Us

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New Generation University College

As the oldest continuously run educational institution, The New Generation University remains committed to providing an academically rigorous education to students who will walk out of school ready for lives of leadership and service to their community. From literacy to music and art, each day at the New Generation University is filled with activities that are both enriching and fun.

We strive to be committed to the students we are privileged to serve, in our alumni association, our dedicated, talented faculty and staff. We also take pride in having the most active and helpful group of partners, visionary parents, well-wishers, alumni and friends.

New Generation University College (NGUC) was founded in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 2002. The founders aimed to provide superior education and total quality higher education opportunities to the younger generation of Ethiopia and beyond. The founders of this college had taken into account the great demand and needs of the country for quality private higher education to meet the increased demand for trained manpower.

Matthewos Gich — Founder & President


The mission of NGUC is to provide quality higher education, research and community services through a superior and interdisciplinary academic programs training the new generation of undergraduates and graduates in needed professional skills.


The vision of NGUC is to become the center of excellence with commitment to a holistic learning and teaching environment that produces graduates who have as a result developed a sincere spirit of tolerance and a sense of commitment to society.


  • absolute professional integrity ,ethical and moral principle
  •  striving for excellence in all disciplines
  •  exercising academic freedom with accountability and responsibility
  •  respecting the rule of law and universal humanitarian values
  • cherishing tolerance of differences and fostering inclusiveness 


International collaboration
NGUC believes that in today’s age of globalization movement cross-fertilization of academic program, is becoming a crucial factor in the development effort of every nation.

Currently NGUC is already in the process of:
Partnering with Colleges Universities different countries.
Recruiting   international lecturers, enhancing the Enrolling International Students,
Establishing International Advisory Board; Adapting different countries’ relevant curriculum concepts;
Developing many other academic linkage Programs; and
Internationally recognized, integrated and applied curriculum development